PostcodeArea Britain's postcodes, mapped

The following STD* telephone dialling code should be used for the DN1 1SL area.

Doncaster01302(01302) xxxxxx

Other nearby phone area codes

Rotherham01709(01709) xxxxxx
Worksop01909(01909) xxxxxx
Pontefract01977(01977) xxxxxx
Barnsley01226(01226) xxxxxx
Retford01777(01777) xxxxxx
Gainsborough01427(01427) xxxxxx
Goole01405(01405) xxxxxx
Sheffield0114(0114) xxx xxxx
Selby01757(01757) xxxxxx
Wakefield01924(01924) xxxxxx
Scunthorpe01724(01724) xxxxxx
Chesterfield01246(01246) xxxxxx
Appleby017683(017683) xxxxx
Hathersage01433(01433) xxxxxx

The UK's national telephone numbering system is maintained by Ofcom, the country's regulator for the UK communications industries, and may change at any time. Please note that dialling codes are not linked to specific boundaries - some postcodes may cross over into a neighbouring area, and are approximate.

When dialling from the UK, remember to include the first 0 (the national trunk prefix). When dialling from outside the country, enter the country code (44) and omit the first 0 (zero).

STD (Subscriber Trunk Dialling), or 'Uniform Exchange Codes' are allocated to each telephone exchange in the UK, and are prefixed with the number 0 (zero), for example '01952'.

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