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Gender - WF2


This data from the 2011 Census provides data regarding the gender of residents in the WF2 postcode area, based on 2011 Administrative hierarchy, defining each person as either male or female.

Social Grade - WF2


The social grade is the socio-economic classification used by the Market Research and Marketing Industries, most often in the analysis of spending habits and consumer attitudes. Originally developed by the National Readership Survey to classify their readership, they are used by many organisations and companies for market research.

Classifications for social grades are based on the occupation of the head of the household:

  • A - Upper Middle Class Higher administrative, managerial or professional
  • B - Middle Class Intermediate managerial, administrative or professional
  • C1 - Lower Middle Class Supervisory or clerical and junior management, administrative or professional
  • C2 - Skilled Working Class Skilled manual workers
  • D - Working Class Semi and unskilled manual workers
  • E - Non Working Casual or lowest grade workers, pensioners, and others who may rely on the welfare state for their income, including students.

Ethnic Groups - WF2

Ethnic GroupPercentage
White English79.9%
White Irish0.6%
White Gypsy/Romany0.2%
White Other6.2%
Mixed White/Black Caribbean0.4%
Mixed White/Black African0.2%
Mixed White/Asian0.6%
Mixed Other0.3%
Other Asian0.8%
Black African1.6%
Black Caribbean0.3%
Black Other0.3%

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General Health - WF2

Very GoodGoodFairBadVery Bad

Population general health is a self-assessment of a person's general state of health. In the Cencus people were asked whether their health was very good, good, fair, bad or very bad, and is not based on a person's health over a specific period of time.

Deprivation - WF2

No deprivation1 Dimension2 Dimensions3 Dimensions4 Dimensions

Taken from the 2011 Census, these dimensions of deprivation used to classify households are indicators based on four selected characteristics. A household is deprived in a dimension if they meet one or more of the following conditions:

  • Employment Where any member of a household, who is not a full-time student, is either unemployed or long-term sick.
  • Education No person in the household has at least level 2 education, and no person aged 16-18 is a full time student.
  • Health & disability Any person in the household that has general health that is 'bad' or 'very bad', or has a long-term health problem.
  • Housing The household's accommodation is either overcrowded, with an occupancy rating -1 or less, or is in a shared dwelling, or has no central heating.

A household is deemed as being deprived in none, or one to four of these dimensions in any combination.

Religion - WF2

ChristianBuddistHinduJewishMuslimSikhOtherNo religionNot stated

Statistics are for a person's religion, and does not take into account whether each person was a practicing member of a religion. In the 2011 Census, this question was voluntary, and where no answer was provided the response was categorised as 'Not stated'.

Hours Worked - WF2

Part Time
15hrs or less
Part Time
16-30 hrs
Full Time
31-48 hrs
Full Time
49+ hrs

This table outlines the data for the number of hours that a person aged 16 or more in employment in the week before the cenus, worked in their main job, and includes paid and unpaid overtime.

Qualifications - WF2

No qualifications15.1%
1-4 O levels/CSE/GCSEs (any grades), Foundation Diploma16.7%
VQ Level 1, Foundation GNVQ, Basic Skills5.6%
5+ O level Passes/CSEs (Grade 1)/GCSEs (Grades A*-C), 1 A level/2-3 AS levels/VCEs, Higher Diploma13.4%
NVQ Level 2, Intermediate GNVQ, City and Guilds Craft, BTEC First/General Diploma, RSA Diploma8.5%
2+ A levels/VCEs, 4+ AS levels, Progression/Advanced Diploma6.4%
NVQ Level 3, Advanced GNVQ, City and Guilds Advanced Craft, ONC, OND, BTEC National5.6%
Degree (e.g. BA, BSc), Higher degree (e.g. MA, PhD, PGCE)5.8%
NVQ Level 4-5, HNC, HND, RSA Higher Diploma, BTEC Higher Level1.8%
Professional qualifications (e.g. teaching, nursing, accountancy)5.8%
Other vocational qualifications8.9%
Foreign qualifications3.3%

House Type - WF2

DetachedSemi DetachedTerracedFlatFlatsBedsitCommercialCaravanShared

This table refers to the type of accommodation used by an individual household, and include terraced, flats, detached and semi-detached properties. Each property is classed as 'shared' or 'unshared'. A property is shared if the household spaces it contains have the accommodation type 'part of a converted or shared house', or not all the rooms are behind a door that only the household can use, and there is at least one ofther such household space at the same address. Residential dwellings that do not meet these conditions are classed as 'unshared'.

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Number of Bedrooms - WF2

NoneOne BedroomTwo BedroomsThree BedroomsFour BedroomsFive Bedrooms +

This table indicates the number of bedrooms within a dwelling. A bedroom is defined as any room intented for use as a bedroom, or any other room converted into a bedroom. Bedsits and studio flats are counted as having one bedroom each.

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The geographical demographic data for WF2 has been extracted from the Office of National Statistics, responsible for the collection and publication of UK statistics relating to population, society and economy. (ONS)

Demographic statistics are derived from the 2011 Census, which was carried out to provide a detailed analysis of the population and its characteristics.

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