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The postcode map shows the location and boundary line for M20 3LA, with the map marker a central point of reference for this postcode, marking the central latitude (53.431884) and longitude (-2.229805) geographic coordinates for satnav purposes.

Use the grey circle to determine the approximate postcode border radius for this geographical postcode area.

Average House Prices (M) 1995-2013

Year Average Property Price
(National average)
Detached Semi Detached Terraced
1995$39,862 (£57,114)$76,873$45,537$29,091
1996$42,560 (£61,689)$81,047$48,555$30,387
1997$42,864 (£65,833)$86,512$49,996$30,030
1998$47,175 (£69,130)$88,282$54,195$33,368
1999$48,447 (£79,014)$97,954$53,061$31,446
2000$51,390 (£84,804)$102,133$58,947$33,994
2001$55,069 (£94,719)$118,776$65,612$36,389
2002$69,314 (£116,001)$158,883$80,564$42,038
2003$92,685 (£135,921)$176,265$100,875$61,603
2004$107,061 (£154,484)$208,230$122,305$74,688
2005$120,988 (£163,192)$208,745$133,257$91,758
2006$136,723 (£163,244)$218,602$146,449$108,362
2007$135,689 (£176,051)$219,329$152,387$111,696
2008$116,006 (£178,104)$209,547$125,932$100,893
2009$132,582 (£180,970)$215,754$147,929$113,925
2010$121,912 (£182,839)$227,227$141,021$94,901
2011$126,198 (£183,283)$210,764$140,564$99,559
2012$127,308 (£186,841)$226,566$143,693$105,447
2013$131,745 (£197,934)$225,409$139,440$106,370

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House Sales

The following house prices were received at the Land Registry in the period from 1st - 31st of the previous month, and follows the House Price Index release calendar.

House price data is recorded by the Land Registry for all single residential sales around M20 3LA in England and Wales.

Date of sale/transferAddressSale priceProperty type
Thursday, November 28, 2013189 MAULDETH ROAD WEST, M20 1BJ$136,000Semi-detached
Friday, November 15, 2013106 DONCASTER AVENUE, M20 1DW$122,000Terraced
Friday, November 8, 20136 TUNSTEAD AVENUE, M20 1JY$218,500Terraced
Friday, December 6, 20135 VICKER GROVE, M20 1LJ$230,000Terraced
Wednesday, September 4, 201383 CAVENDISH ROAD, M20 1LS$125,000Flat/maisonette
Tuesday, November 26, 201318 ROBERT HARRISON AVENUE, M20 1LW$250,000Semi-detached
Friday, August 23, 201364 GEORGIA AVENUE, M20 1LX$125,000Flat/maisonette
Friday, November 8, 2013136 GEORGIA AVENUE, M20 1LX$305,500Semi-detached
Friday, November 15, 201354 GEORGIA AVENUE, M20 1LX$130,000Flat/maisonette
Friday, July 19, 201391 GEORGIA AVENUE, M20 1LY$148,000Flat/maisonette
Friday, October 11, 201367A GEORGIA AVENUE, M20 1LY$147,000Flat/maisonette
Monday, October 21, 201328 CAVENDISH ROAD, M20 1QB$275,000Terraced
Thursday, December 5, 2013142 CAVENDISH ROAD, M20 1QJ$209,000Terraced
Wednesday, October 16, 2013134 CAVENDISH ROAD, M20 1QJ$200,000Terraced
Friday, October 4, 2013LEXINGTON, 1174 NELL LANE, M20 2DU$200,000Flat/maisonette
Friday, November 8, 201332 MONTMANO DRIVE, M20 2EB$310,000Semi-detached
Friday, October 25, 20137 THE BOULEVARD, M20 2EU$310,000Semi-detached
Wednesday, October 2, 201394 THE BOULEVARD, M20 2EU$121,000Flat/maisonette
Tuesday, November 5, 2013WESSEX LODGE, 16APARTMENT 4 THE BEECHES, M20 2FR$205,000Flat/maisonette
Thursday, November 14, 20133 MERSEY MEADOWS, M20 2GB$480,000Detached
Thursday, November 14, 201377 - 85APARTMENT 18 BARLOW MOOR ROAD, M20 2GN$395,000Flat/maisonette
Tuesday, November 26, 201336FLAT 5 CLYDE ROAD, M20 2HN$90,000Flat/maisonette
Thursday, October 31, 201336FLAT 4 CLYDE ROAD, M20 2HN$80,000Flat/maisonette
Friday, December 13, 2013DIDSBURY GATE, 1APARTMENT 29 HOUSEMAN CRESCENT, M20 2JA$165,000Flat/maisonette
Monday, November 25, 2013DIDSBURY GATE, 1APARTMENT 27 HOUSEMAN CRESCENT, M20 2JA$150,500Flat/maisonette
Friday, August 30, 2013DIDSBURY GATE, 1APARTMENT 51 HOUSEMAN CRESCENT, M20 2JB$207,500Flat/maisonette
Wednesday, October 16, 2013DIDSBURY GATE, 1103 HOUSEMAN CRESCENT, M20 2JP$265,000Flat/maisonette
Monday, November 25, 201311 MONTROSE AVENUE, M20 2LA$290,000Terraced
Tuesday, November 26, 201337 HIGHMARSH CRESCENT, M20 2LU$127,162Terraced
Friday, December 6, 201359 TINTERN AVENUE, M20 2ND$85,000Flat/maisonette
Friday, November 22, 201315FLAT 2 CLYDE ROAD, M20 2NJ$17,000Flat/maisonette
Friday, November 1, 2013WATERLOO COURTFLAT 8 LAPWING LANE, M20 2NT$132,500Flat/maisonette
Thursday, November 21, 2013102 OLD LANSDOWNE ROAD, M20 2NY$440,000Terraced
Friday, November 15, 20134 THE BEECHES MEWS, M20 2PF$274,000Terraced
Thursday, November 28, 201355 PENCARROW CLOSE, M20 2PS$139,000Flat/maisonette
Friday, November 29, 2013128FLAT 5 BARLOW MOOR ROAD, M20 2PU$169,000Flat/maisonette
Monday, November 11, 2013156FLAT 4 PALATINE ROAD, M20 2QH$204,000Flat/maisonette
Friday, September 20, 201311 HAREFIELD DRIVE, M20 2SZ$300,000Semi-detached
Wednesday, November 27, 20131APARTMENT 6 LARKE RISE, M20 2UL$281,000Flat/maisonette
Friday, October 4, 20131FLAT 6 QUEENSTON ROAD, M20 2WZ$154,000Flat/maisonette
Friday, November 22, 201335 ASHWOOD AVENUE, M20 2YB$455,000Detached
Friday, November 29, 201310 AMBROSE DRIVE, M20 2YE$246,500Semi-detached
Friday, November 1, 201351 MERSEY CRESCENT, M20 2ZG$129,000Semi-detached
Monday, October 21, 20138 PENROY AVENUE, M20 2ZH$143,500Terraced
Friday, November 8, 201325B BURTON ROAD, M20 3GB$122,000Flat/maisonette
Friday, December 6, 2013HOLLY ROYDE HOUSE, 56FLAT 8 PALATINE ROAD, M20 3HP$143,000Flat/maisonette
Friday, November 29, 201383 PALATINE ROAD, M20 3LJ$675,000Semi-detached
Friday, November 22, 2013BARRY COURTFLAT 27 PALATINE ROAD, M20 3LQ$110,000Flat/maisonette
Monday, December 16, 2013WELLINGTON HOUSE, 398 - 4009 WILMSLOW ROAD, M20 3LU$119,000Flat/maisonette
Thursday, November 21, 2013132FLAT 2 PALATINE ROAD, M20 3ZA$120,000Flat/maisonette
Friday, November 22, 201369 HEATON ROAD, M20 4GW$200,000Semi-detached
Tuesday, October 29, 201332 PARRS WOOD ROAD, M20 4RB$170,000Semi-detached
Friday, November 15, 201342 HEATHSIDE ROAD, M20 4XJ$172,000Semi-detached
Friday, November 29, 201355 HENWOOD ROAD, M20 4XQ$168,000Terraced
Friday, November 8, 201374 COTTON HILL, M20 4XR$148,000Terraced
Tuesday, November 12, 201362 COTTON HILL, M20 4XR$137,000Terraced
Friday, November 8, 201341APARTMENT 2 CENTRAL ROAD, M20 4YE$165,000Flat/maisonette
Thursday, November 7, 2013HAGUE COURTFLAT 14 HAGUE ROAD, M20 4ZB$105,000Flat/maisonette
Friday, October 11, 201329 GOULDEN ROAD, M20 4ZE$180,000Flat/maisonette
Friday, November 22, 201313 TANFIELD ROAD, M20 5GE$220,000Semi-detached
Thursday, December 5, 201311 TUSCAN ROAD, M20 5GS$215,000Semi-detached
Friday, October 11, 201314 WINWOOD ROAD, M20 5PE$159,950Semi-detached
Tuesday, December 3, 2013468 PARRS WOOD ROAD, M20 5QQ$399,950Detached
Friday, November 1, 201338 BROUGHVILLE DRIVE, M20 5WH$285,000Semi-detached
Thursday, June 13, 20133 OAKDALE DRIVE, M20 5WJ$145,000Semi-detached
Friday, November 15, 2013DIDSBURY COURTFLAT 22 WILMSLOW ROAD, M20 6AD$165,000Flat/maisonette
Friday, November 15, 20137C PARKFIELD ROAD SOUTH, M20 6DA$249,000Flat/maisonette
Friday, November 29, 2013249 PARRS WOOD ROAD, M20 6EE$170,000Terraced
Thursday, November 28, 20132 NORWOOD AVENUE, M20 6EX$198,500Terraced
Friday, November 22, 201311 CATTERICK AVENUE, M20 6HH$177,500Semi-detached
Friday, November 29, 201315 THE DRIVE, M20 6HZ$145,000Semi-detached
Friday, December 6, 20135 WILLOW WAY, M20 6JT$360,000Semi-detached
Friday, November 29, 2013124APARTMENT 6 SCHOOL LANE, M20 6LB$158,000Flat/maisonette
Friday, November 1, 201341 ELM GROVE, M20 6PQ$255,000Terraced
Monday, December 9, 201314 GRANGE LANE, M20 6RW$360,500Terraced
Monday, November 11, 201335 ATWOOD ROAD, M20 6TA$324,000Terraced
Friday, October 4, 201311 GROVE LANE, M20 6UF$220,000Terraced
Tuesday, November 5, 201317 KNIGHT STREET, M20 6WG$250,000Terraced

Data produced by Land Registry © Crown copyright 2013.

Please note that house prices for properties sold during this period do not reflect current values of properties in this postcode area, they are the prices paid at the time of sale. Prices paid is property price data for single residential property sales in England and Wales, sold on the market at full market value, and lodged with the Land Registry for registration.

For more information about the market trend data and price paid data, please see the Land Registry.

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